Sunday, November 2, 2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Placenta Decor

When I found out we were pregnant again I couldn't wait to have some fun with my placenta.  When I encapsulated my daughters placenta nearly 8 years ago I never thought about doing a print or a cord keepsake.  My main focus was I never ever wanted to experience the amount of postpartum depression I had with #3 ever again.    I hired someone to encapsulate baby #5s placenta and she did a cord keepsake and a print for me and over the years of love of placentas has grown so when I got pregnant with #6 (and our last) I knew I had to encapsulate myself and I had to make it awesome!

I asked our amazing midwife Sarah to cut the cord close to baby so I could have a nice long cord to work with.   She was very happy and excited to accept that request.    I was hoping to get a long and skinny enough cord to write "love" or his name.   I didn't get that but it was long enough to make his initial.       I used stretched canvas to make two prints that I'm obsessed with.   

Asher sleeps with us but he does have a little area in our room that I decorated for him using his keepsakes.

Often people ask what they can do with their cord keepsakes.   I think what I did with mine is great.  I put it in a shadow box with other items of importance.

If you are interested in something like my canvases please let me know and we can work together to create something great.  

Saturday, August 16, 2014

This happened.......

I haven't been updating the blog lately, or as much as I would like to because my life had been filled with twist and turns and gloriousness.    

Last September we found out we were expecting our 6th and final addition.  In January we found out that our sweet love had Trisomy 21 and a congenital heart defect called a Complete AVSD.    The Trisomy diagnosis was easy peasy.   The heart defect rocked my world.     With the support of my friends and family we are getting through it.    My birth plans changed and although I was sad not to have my homebirth I knew everything would be ok.  It was.  My birth was nothing how I would have ever expected it but it was wonderful.   On 6/6/14 we welcomed our 6th baby at 6:33 pm.  Do you think his lucky number is 6?   We named him Asher Eli.     He's doing wonderful.  We are doing wonderful and thanks to my encapsulation and tons of support my postpartum period is going better than I expect.      Asher will be having his heart repaired in September and we are confident that will go wonderfully also.   

I'm still encapsulating placentas and will keep on providing this service.  It brings me happiness.  I love meeting the new parents, I love helping new Moms.     Life is awesome and I couldn't feel more blessed.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Postpartum you have one?

We tend to get all caught up in our birth plan and forget that we really need a postpartum plan too.   A little guide for us to follow during one of the most wonderful, emotional, crazy time in our lives.    It's wonderful having a baby but it's also tiring, stressful and an emotional roller coaster.      We can reduce the effects of what having a baby does on our body and mind by taking care of ourselves.  It's just as important as caring for baby. 

Here is a sample of my postpartum plan.   You may think, "WHAT?!?!?! I can't stay in bed that long", but it really is very important for you and your baby to just be together in bed.


DAY 1-5
Stay in bed.  Only get up to use the bathroom and shower.

DAY 6-9
Get up for 20 mins.  Stay in bed for 40 mins.

DAY 10-14
Get up for 30 mins. Stay in bed for 30 mins.


~Have a support person or more in place.   

~Take placenta pills as directed

~Take my vitamins and supplements

~Guided meditation 

~Wash face, brush teeth, shower

~Take at least 20 minutes a day for me to do something I enjoy

~Bed by 10

Same as above plus:
Daily cardio (walk, eliptical, zumba, etc)
Yoga  3 times a week

Do you have something you enjoy to do in your 4th trimester?