Wednesday, February 25, 2015

From a recent client

Hi Heather,

I could seriously hug you! First of all, the package you mailed to me made me tear eyed. I never expected a little mama care package. Everyone always focuses so much on the baby that they forget that mama needs a little love too. I wanted to wait to write you to see how the pills have been working for me. I have to tell you they are absolutely fabulous! Around day 3 I became sort of nasty and miserable. I felt hormonal and sort of crazy like I did after having my son. Your pills came just in time. The next morning I took my 1st pill and bam energy galore. I was able to clean my house and by the end of the day my hormones started to feel more balanced. Today is day 6 and my milk supply is plentiful, my energy is quite high (considering I only had 2 hours of sleep haha), and my hormones feel much more stable. I feel like these pils are a miracle or something. Truly amazing! The umbilical cord keep sake is beautiful and I will save it and treasure it. I had to write you to say thank you for everything and everyone I know who is pregnant and interested in placenta encapsulation will get your info. You are the best! Thank you for helping me ENJOY my postpartum and just love my new baby! If you provide me your address or PO Box I will send you one of my birth announcements once they come in. :) 

Love a grateful mama, 
Corrine G

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Tiny heart and a tip!

Sometimes the OB/MW has the cord cut to short and there is not much I can do with it to make a keepsake.  When that happens I just add it to the encapsulation, I always feel so bad though because as creepy as it may seem to some, the cord keepsake is really a sweet thing to have    

Recently, I worked with a placenta with a short cord.    The length was borderline to short to be able to make a nice keepsake.  Then I had an idea to get to work.   I tried it and behold, the smallest heart keepsake I have ever made.   It's so sweet!!!

That brings me to a TIP:   Ask the OB/MW to clamp/cut the cord closer to the baby so you have a longer cord for me to work with. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

2014 Recap

Another year, another recap.    Again, thank  you to all the families I have served.  It was a bumpy year for my family with the birth of my amazing son Asher and his open heart surgery.    Everyone was wonderful and understanding.   I had some amazing encapsulators that backed me up during my sons birth and his surgery. 

In 2014 I had:

~86 clients!!!

~3 of them were twin mamas!

~Busiest month was November.

~Second busiest month was September.  That was also the month of my son's open heart surgery.  It was crazy,  a good crazy!

~Slowest month was March.  It was actually an average month with due dates but almost all clients gave birth in February or April.   

~Largest placenta gave 250 pills

~Smallest placenta gave 96 pills

~Most placentas were comparable to baby.  Meaning a bigger baby had a bigger placenta,  average baby had average placenta, smaller baby had smaller placenta.  

~Average amount of pills from a placenta was 120

~On average Mama's had their babies after their guess date.

~Most clients gave birth at Pennsylvania hospital, Second: Einstein Montgomery , Third:The Birth Center.  Honerable mentions, Abington Hospital and Paoli.      I also had clients at home, Valley Birth Place, St. Mary's, Capital Health, Jefferson, U of Penn, Doylestown, Chester County Memorial, Riddle and Temple.

If there is something I missed and you are curious about it, leave a comment and I'm more than happy to answer!