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I am so happy I had my placenta encapsulated. I didn’t with my first born and noticed such a difference in my postpartum recovery. The first few weeks with my first I experienced extreme anxiety and some postpartum depression. I also had low energy even weeks after my son was born. This time around, with the capsules, I felt so much more energized and didn’t feel those lows, and my anxiety was almost nonexistent! I am definitely encapsulating with my next as well. It was also such a pleasure working with you, the process was so easy and stress free with picking up my placenta after birth and receiving the capsules right away in the mail . You made it so easy for us. I can’t thank you enough!

Laura F


Laura F


Hey Heather! Thanks for checking in. I’m doing pretty good. I thought the pills were giving me a headache so I took about a week break from them and realized my headache was just hormonal. Started taking them again and my headache is gone and my energy is mostly back as well as my emotional levels feeling more stable.
Amira R
Amira R


Thanks for checking in, Heather.  The whole family is doing well and I’m having a very successful recovery.  Thanks for all of your help and I will recommend your services to anyone I can in the future.  You are very thorough and organized, without being overbearing or pushy.  It was a pleasure to work with you.  Be well!
Take care,


Hi Heather,

Just emailing to thank you for the beautiful package that arrived this week. You know just what to do for new mamas – the attention you put into the delivery did not go unnoticed. My husband also said that the handover process was so seamless – and as you mentioned Lankenau gave us no issue in bringing the placenta with us. All worked out SO well.
I’ve started to take the pills and am feeling great!
Thank you again – it’s been a true pleasure working with you! I will be sure to recommend your services to friends who are pregnant. Thank you for all you’re doing to make the 4th trimester as happy and easy as possible.
Allison R
Allison R


Hi Heather,

I hope all is well!

I wanted to reach out to you and wish you and your family a very happy holiday and happy new year!

Your services for the placenta encapsulation was so incredible and I am so thankful that you were there to provide such a wonderful thing to me and my baby. You were so helpful and thoughtful!!!

My lil guy is now almost 6 months (time sure does fly) and everyday I think how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to give him such wonderful nutrients. I truly believe it helped all around!

Warm wishes!!

Stephanie Balazsi

 (Look for a blog post answering this question.-Heather)
Stephanie B.


Hi Heather,
Things are going really well. I’m really happy with the pills and how I feel they have helped with my mood and my milk supply.
Do you recommend taking the pills straight though until they finish or should I  take them and taper off so I can have some for the future hormonal dips?

Thank you for checking in

Melissa A.
 (Look for a blog post answering this question.-Heather)
Melissa A


Hi heather!

I am doing great and can’t believe how amazing I’ve felt after taking the placenta pills. I love them so much! I usually take 3 in the morning and it’s been perfect. Thank you so much for everything. I am so grateful to have found you!

All the best,
Olivia V

Olivia V



We’re doing great! I’ve been taking three a day, and doing well. I truly believe this has helped with the healing process.  We are so grateful for your work and dedication to aiding women in their recovery process! We’ve been passing your information along, and we so hope it helps grow your business and passion for the 4th trimester 🙂

Ashley, Tyler and Evie



I’m doing good. Tired but good lol. I was surprised this time around I did not have the initial baby blues that I had the first time around and thought maybe I won’t need the pills. When we hit week 2 though and my husband went back to work those feelings of anxiety mixed with fatigue made me feel depleted and a little down so I have been taking one a day and notice in gives my energy a boost to make it through the day and also has taken away any negative feelings. Thanks so much !
Olivia T.


“I am so delighted with the service that Heather provided. She was extremely responsive and patient with all of my questions. The placenta pills arrived very promptly after the birth of my daughter in cute, professional packaging. The price was very reasonable, especially considering the excellent experience I had. I highly recommend Heather!”
Olivia B.


“Dear Heather, Thank you *so* much for doing such a great job with those placenta pills. I’m grateful you were able to prepare them for me so well and so soon after the birth! I’ve been taking 3-4 a day and so far, so good. We’re just loving this time with the baby…. Thanks very much, with all best wishes, Elizabeth”



“My experience with Heather and the placenta encapsulation was nothing but pleasant. Heather was always quick to respond, friendly, and fairly priced. The placenta encapsulation helped with my post-partum recovery, and I found myself experiencing fewer symptoms of PPD than I normally do. I would definitely use this service again with my next baby.”

“I had an amazing experience working with Heather. I had severe postpartum anxiety after the birth of my first child in 2011, which I needed medication to control. Because of this, I had to stop breastfeeding my son after 3 months in order to take the medication and function normally. After doing some research on natural ways to combat this while pregnant with my second child, I found our about placenta encapsulation. Heather was very helpful in answering all of my questions and addressing any concerns that I had. She was also very caring and checked up on me periodically throughout the end of my pregnancy. After the birth of my daughter, Heather came to the hospital to retrieve my placenta. She delivered the pills back to the hospital within 2 days. My recovery this second time around has been a breeze. Physically, my bleeding stopped is less than 3 weeks (as opposed to almost 8 weeks after my first birth). My milk came in quickly, and my recovery was much quicker than it was after my first delivery. I have also had no anxiety, depression, or even “baby blues” this time around. I’m especially grateful for this, as I’m able to function normally, enjoy my children, and not worry about medications affecting my breastfeeding. Overall, working with Heather and choosing to do placenta encapsulation was a tremendously positive experience. I look forward to working with her again if/when we have more children!”
Christine Aughenbaugh

“Hi Heather,

Thanks so much for checking in! Everything has been going great, I recovered so much faster from my c-section this time around. I also feel like I have a lot more energy and my mood is better…”
Rita S.


“Hi Heather–  Thanks for checking in! I am doing great and am taking my pills religiously. I try to take one with each meal (1 pill 3x per day). Is that a good plan or should I be doing something else?
I am so glad I have my placenta pills.  I find they calm me down emotionally but also give me some much-needed energy.  I am so grateful for you and the amazing work you do 🙂
Thanks again,
Tiffany F. (return client)


I wanted this pregnancy, birth, and recovery period to be as natural as possible. I have a long history of depression and anxiety, but have been managing it medication free for over 2 years. With both of my previous births, PPD and anxiety were severe. I was convinced that I’d have a similar or worse experience this time, so I began researching natural ways to prevent, reduce, and/or eliminate PPD. I am a registered nurse. The medical professional in me was skeptical when I initially heard of placenta encapsulation and was unable to find any medical studies supporting this practice. I discussed it with the doctors in my OB group, hoping to get more information but was just laughed at and called crazy. I personally know of only one woman who encapsulated her placenta, but read dozens of online testimonials from women who benefited from this. The idea of potentially getting through the postnatal period naturally (medication free) was the deciding factor for me when choosing to do this. So far, I am extremely pleased with the results. I had a few bad days immediately after delivery, but started taking the pills when I got home from the hospital. I already see and feel a difference after taking the pills for only 9 days. I am amazed at how good I feel both physically and emotionally. I hope it continues. Thanks again for what you do!

Tanya H.


Hey Heather,
Everything is going great, thanks for checking in! Your package made me cry happy tears when I opened it. So sweet, thank you 🙂
Will be recc you to everyone I know who gets pregnant!


Hey Heather!
It’s going very well!  I’m taking about 2 pills a day. I’ve been really caught off guard by how much energy I’ve had postpartum and everyone around me remarks on it too. I feel alert, vibrant, and happy which is more than I could ask for or was expecting. I definitely attribute it to the placenta encapsulation. I didn’t feel like this the last day we were in the hospital to the evening the pills arrived and I can tell if I’ve forgotten to take it in a while.  I have a sister who just had her second baby but did not encapsulate her placenta this time like she did with her first, and all I can think is “Why not!?” Because this definitely was worth it for me!
Thank you,


Hi Heather!
I was just thinking of you this morning as I took one of my pills! I’m doing great, thank you!
I wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful service. I’m so grateful for the support my pills have provided me already- and cord keepsake and little gifts included are just wonderful!! I don’t go anywhere without that lip balm that was in the little gift bag! 😍
I’m so pleased with everything!
Thank you again!!
Rachel B
Rachel B


As a first time mommy I was nervous about trying a service such as placenta encapsulation, but working with Heather made the experience nothing but a pleasure. She was quick to reply to my requests for information and promptly sent my kit to pack and take to the hospital. I let her know once the baby was born and the placenta was on ice and ready to go and she did the rest. The day after we came home with our baby girl I received my capsules along with a sweet note and some helpful information. I can’t say enough about how wonderful this experience has been. I have had more energy, I’m happily breastfeeding, and I have managed the pressures of becoming a new mother better than I ever expected. Thanks Heather for putting my mind at ease with your professionalism and compassion for a beginner like me! 🙂
-Crimson De
Crimson De


Hi Heather,
Thanks for checking in! I’m feeling great and I definitely think the placenta pills are helping- I take them when I feel a little anxiety creeping up and feel more relaxed about 30 minutes later 🙂 my recovery has been awesome too, you’d never guess I gave birth just 15 days ago.
Thanks again for everything!
Allison S.
Allison S.


Hi Heather,

So far so good!  I’m feeling more together this time than with my other 2 children.  I’m curious to see if it helps with the hair loss because that’s always been a major problem for me.

I think I have enough pills to get me to 6 weeks,  I should taper off correct? Do I just do that over the last few weeks?

I’m so glad that I did this and am extremely grateful for how easy you made it.  It was worth every penny!

Thank you!

Phyllis S.

(Look for a blog post answering these questions- Heather)

Phyllis S.



Everything looks great! We were very happy with your service, professionalism, and flexibility. Thank you again!
Jessica W.
Jessica w


wow, that is amazing. I cried. I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful gift you gave us. I’ve seen benefits from the placenta for sure. the care pack and cord keepsake are truly appreciated. thank you so much for everything. we are giving your name out left and right. so many people were interested in your services at the hospital and took your info. best of luck with you business! xoxox, Heather
Heather T.


Hi Heather
I just wanted to thank you for doing my encapsulation . Having the pills were extremely helpful to me after having my baby. I had very little postpartum symptoms for this second baby, and when I did they were very mild. I totally believe that was due to having the pills. The postpartum with my first child was extremely difficult. So it was huge relief not to have those issues again. I’m so grateful to you for your service , and that you were so kind and quick to answer all of my question. The personal touch you give adding some little gifts were very sweet. I definitely would recommend you. Thanks again.
Tammie G.


“Hi Heather, I just wanted to thank you again for my placenta encapsulation and getting it to me so fast and easy! You made it very easy when everything was going on. Everything is going really well and I think they have been working great. I don’t know what I would have been like without taking them, but I have had no postpartum (which is what I was really concerned about) and have been feeling great!! It was a pleasure working with you!! Thanks again!”
Laura W.

“My husband and I both knew we wanted to have the placenta encapsulated and I’m so grateful I came across Heather’s contact information. I didn’t know what to expect from it but I was hopeful it would be as beneficial as what I’d read about. Not only did heather do a great job with her services, but she really stayed in touch with us as my due date approached. She checked in from time to time just to see how we were doing which helped us realize we’d chosen wisely when we hired her. She was very accommodating when we ended up giving birth at a different location than planned and came to pick the placenta up with no hesitation. The best part was that when she dropped off the product, it was like a little gift. Beautifully packaged and you could see she put care and love in to her work. Within a full day of taking the encapsulated placenta, I noticed a decrease in my bleeding and increase in my mood. Attaining her services was one of my best pregnancy decisions and I highly recommend Heather.”

“This was my fourth birth but my first time encapsulating my placenta. I tend to have very hormonal births. My propensity to snap, cry, rage and sulk during the first two weeks makes up for the past nine months of missed periods. But this time it was different! I think I might have cried once and even though there were plenty of times where I did get snappy, I could see it as being unreasonable and was able to apologize for it. A much better experience for my husband and other children! The nights were also far better. There were a few rough ones but the anger at the circumstances that I usually experience when there is a bad night wasn’t there. My bleeding stopped at two and a half weeks (it usually lasts up to four weeks) and my milk came in 48 hours after birth (fastest yet). Heather did an excellent job offering this service. She was down to earth, friendly to talk to and professionalabout it. If there is a need to do this again I will definitely call on her!”
Jessie V.

“Heather was great — really patient in answering all of my endless questions, and totally prompt and responsive during the whirlwind of the birth process. Having a cute little package waiting for us when we got home, and knowing everything was taken care of, was a great relief.”
Alison M.

“Hi Heather,
Just wanted to say a quick thanks for the placenta pills.  My postpartum experience has been going extremely well and I definitely think the pills have something to do with it!   Such a difference from the first few weeks with my first child.  Thanks for all your help and I’ll definitely be referring your services to my pregnant friends!
Amy W.
April 29, 2016
Amy W.

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