How long have you been encapsulating placentas?
I encapsulated my first placenta in 2006.   That was my own because at that time there were no encapsulators.   After that, I did a few here and there for friends and family until 2012 when I decided it was time to branch out and offer my services to area families.
Are you certified?
I am certified.  I’m what some refer to as “triple certified.”     I have my certification through Association of Placenta Preparation and Arts.  I also have my food handlers and OSHA approved blood borne pathogen certificates.


What method do you use and why?
I use the raw start method.    This method is different from the standard raw method because it is dehydrated at a higher temperature for a longer period of time which destroys all bacteria to food safe levels.   When done in this manner raw start is safe and not the same as a traditional raw prep that is dehydrated on a low temperature.

I prefer this method because there is nothing added to the placenta and it’s the least processed while still being safe.   Recent research shows this method contains the most amount of progesterone which plays a very important role in postpartum health.

Since it’s not prepared like the standard raw method  there is less “energy”, which decreases the chance of anxiety as a side effect.   You can continue taking it if you have an infection, cold or fever, unlike the TCM.

Having said that, if you are interested in having your placenta steamed first that is an option.   It will not be steamed with any herbs or aromatics.

What type of capsules do you use?
Vegetarian capsules.
How many capsules will I get?
The amount of capsules varies and is dependent on the size of your placenta.  The least I have encapsulated was 80 and the most 275.   The average is 125.
Where do you encapsulate?
I work out of my dedicated home studio.   You can see pictures of it by clicking here.
Will you do it in my home?
I rather not. If it’s something you really want done in your home I can do it for an additional $100 and you will need to be home at all time to be able to check the dehydrator.   The reason for the extra charge is to cover childcare and the extra gas/mileage(if needed, if not I can deduct that from the $100). The reason I rather not is because of the method I use for encapsulation.   The process takes longer than the TCM method. Drying time can change due to humidity and other factors which is why the extra gas/mileage could be a concern. One other reason I like doing it in my home is I can get it done faster. The faster I get to dry the placenta the more nutrients in the encapsulation. If you have a hospital birth I usually get you your placenta back to you by the time you leave, the day after at the latest. If you want it done in your home we can’t even start the process until you get home from the hospital. Please read this blog post to learn about another reason
Isn't it illegal and unsafe to prepare in your home?
This is a myth that goes around from time to time.

There are no laws regarding placenta encapsulation and where it can be processed because as of now, placenta encapsulation is not regulated.

First and most importantly, the safest place for your encapsulation to be processed is the place where the person doing it is certified and follows food handling and OSHA bloodborne pathogen protocols.

I prepare in my home studio.   It has been built with placenta encapsulation in mind.   I, personally, feel like my studio is the safest place for me to prepare your encapsulation because I can keep an eye on the process.

How do I know I'm getting my placenta back?
This is the number one question I receive.

The best answer I can give is, you just need to trust me. I’m highly trained, responsible and take my career seriously.   I take precautions. I limit my client load to reduce the chances of having more than 2 placentas to process at a time.   I use the “one in, one out” method.    Which means if I have two placentas in  a day one doesn’t get processed until the first is in the dehydrator.  I have two prep/dehydrating stations.  Stations are labeled with the client’s information and the contract stays at the station for added measure.

Can I encapsualte if I test positive for GBS?
Yes.     Group B Strep is everywhere.   Having the colonization is different than having the infection.     However, if baby shows signs of GBS infection after birth encapsulation can not proceed.    (I have never had a client have a baby with GBS infection.)

To read more on this read my blog post here

Why not do it myself?
One major benefit to having someone else do it is you really shouldn’t be doing anything but cuddling your baby for the first few weeks. One reason people encapsulate their placenta is to help with postpartum depression, one thing that can bring on postpartum depression is doing to much after you have your baby.

Placenta encapsulation providers are trained in the safety of placenta encapsulation and know if a placenta should or should not be processed.  Other reasons you may want someone else to encapsulate for you are you need to buy the supplies and the odor during processing may bother some people.

I understand sometimes doing it yourself is your only option.     If that is the case please do not use an oven to dehydrate.   It is not safe.   It can not properly dehydrate your placenta.

What if the hospital won't let me keep my placenta?
If they tell you they can’t release your placenta ask them to show you where it says that in their policies. It is legal for you to bring your placenta home. You do not need to tell them why you want it, just that you do. You can tell them it’s for culturally, religious reasons if you want. I have had clients in almost all of the local hospitals and nobody has had a problem with them.

There are instances where the placenta has to go to pathology.   If that happens, it’s safest to not encapsulate.

Have you used placenta encapsulation and what was your experience?
I have. Each time I took placenta pills I had a good experience with it. I’ve used ones made Raw and TCM and Balanced. The TCM pills did cause me to have some anger,  hot flashes and itching. Each process did help me with my postpartum depression, gave me energy, and helped with my recovery and milk supply.   I had the best experience with the Raw and Balanced methods.
Why do you ask for a non-refundable deposit?
The deposit holds your spot. Once your deposit is made I send out a Transportation Kit for your convenience.   In some instances a deposit will be returned.

You can learn more about the Transportation Kit here.


What if I have my baby early or late?
I know babies have their own plans.   Once I receive your contract and deposit you are my client.  I will encapsulate for you whenever you give birth.
Why is it so expensive? Some people charge much less.
I can’t answer why others charge a lower price. The reason I charge what I do is for many reasons.  Education, Gas, mileage, child care, electric, water, supplies, equipment, my time, my experience, and it’s about the same price as other encapsulation specialists in the area. I think it’s very important to keep pricing in the same ball park as other placenta workers. It’s very ethical and was one of the first things I was taught when I studied aromatherapy/herbal medicine with the pioneer Jeanne Rose.


What forms of payment do you take?
Cash, check, money order, paypal and all major credit cards.
Do you offer placenta prints?
Yes, I do.    It’s one of my favorite things I offer.     Here is a blog post I wrote about prints.

I have encapsulated:

placentas and counting!

Areas Served: Bucks County PA, Philadelphia County PA, Montgomery County PA, Delaware County PA, Chester County PA, Lehigh county PA, Mercer County NJ, Burlington County NJ, Hunterdon County NJ, Somerset County NJ, Camden County NJ